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After entering the first day of your last period and average length of your menstruation cycle to the calculator below, press the calculate button.

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Ovulation Calculator
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When can I become pregnant?

Using our ovulation calculation tool, you can determine the estimated days of ovulation and try to get pregnant during these periods. The days when the probability of getting pregnant is highest are the days remaining within this period.

What is ovulation?

In women, ovarian follicle is discarded. The ovaries are located on both sides of the pelvis. It is approximately the size of a walnut grain, but it is flat, not spherical.

What is the spawning period?

These are the days when women are most likely to have follicle excretion. However, if the menstrual order is less than 21 days or longer than 35 days, this may mean that ovulation does not occur.

What is the ovulation period?

Ovulation means follicle disposal. Therefore, ovulation period refers to the dates of ovulation.

How is the ovulation calendar calculated?

Follicle removal from the ovaries usually occurs between the 11th and 16th days between the middle of the menstrual period.

Can I use my ovulation as a birth control method?

Since the calculations are based entirely on international averages and are not 100% accurate, using this method to prevent pregnancy may result in unwanted pregnancies and is therefore not recommended.